Netherlands Schools Offer Mealworms & Insects to Children as ‘Sustainable’ Meat Substitute

Hundreds of schools in the Netherlands are now offering mealworms and insects to children’s lunches as part of a conditioning campaign to normalize eating bugs in the name of saving the environment.

Video from RTV Oost shows a bug ambassador and Dutch politician dishing out “mealworms, lupine worms, and other insect” meals to 10-12 year-old students in Zwolle, who reluctantly began eating the critters.

The so-called ‘Taste Mission Adventurous Proteins” campaign was developed by the Dutch Food Week group and the Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

The stated goal of the bug-eating campaign is to bring about “behavioral changes” in children to embrace “sustainable food.”

From RTV Oost:

After a first hesitation, the students of the Octopus primary school in Zwolle carefully put them in their mouths: mealworms. And as the taste buds get to work on the unfamiliar food, some faces brighten: “it tastes like nuts,” they say. 

The school children are today exposed to a new eating experience. Part of a teaching package about healthy and sustainable food. It is a tried and tested means: behavioral changes via the (as yet) uninhibited children. Because, if they appreciate it, then it has a future.

There were not only mealworms on the menu at De Octopus today. The 7th grade students also got to taste dishes made with lupine worms and other insects. 

Some other European countries already introduced bugs to their school children.

Canada has even begun distributing insects into the wider food supply.

This worldwide bug-eating campaign is just one facet of the Great Reset, tied to the WEF’s bid to force farmers off their land to limit the nation’s livestock supply which the organization says is to reduce methane emissions.

The Dutch government mandated a 50% reduction in nitrogen emissions by 2030 in accordance with the WEF’s Great Reset, claiming livestock accounts for 40% of nitrogen emissions in the country.

The mandates resulted in nationwide protests by farmers and detractors of the government’s destructive “climate” programs.